Why call your book The Politically Incorrect Jesus? And along those lines, why does “Jesus” provoke extreme responses . . . and is this book trying to pick a fight?


Why did you write The Politically Incorrect Jesus, whom are you writing to, and what result are you looking for?

FAQ Three

You obviously wrote The Politically Incorrect Jesus to say Christians are giving in to fear of political incorrectness. So let’s define terms:  What is “political correctness” or “political incorrectness”? And why are the terms issues now, especially for Christians?

FAQ Four

Political correctness, you say, is “intellectual suicide.” Please expand on why “going along with the social gatekeepers” is like putting a gun up to our intellect?

FAQ Five

Is America in a culture war?  And if yes, why should Christians care? Doesn’t the bible say our kingdom is not of this world?


What do you want readers to get from The Politically Incorrect Jesus?

FAQ Seven

How do you see people reading The Politically Incorrect Jesus or using it? For example, what about discussion groups? Bible studies? Or do you mean for it to read alone and in small doses?

FAQ Eight

What are people saying about The Politically Incorrect Jesus?

FAQ Nine

In The Politically Incorrect Jesus, what chapter is your favorite? Which one was most challenging to write? And which one evokes the most comments?


People are busy and Christians have a lot of books on their side tables. Why should anyone pick up and read The Politically Incorrect Jesus?  And when someone recommends this book to someone else to read, how do you hope the book is described?